the great BIG project

Our Ugandan project

They will contain a medical centre, school, homes for orphans where the orphans can live in family units rather than in institution, a guest house where volunteers can be adequately housed, a 200 square metre complex housing a 500 seat auditorium, kitchen and dining facilities, a small 80-100 seat auditorium, a computer room, small breakout rooms and an office with administration centre. In addition there will be living accommodation for those who need to live on site.


The architecture of our center reflects the cultural feel of the landscape with an emphasis on sustainability and respect for the environment. Features of the center will include Adobe bricks & stone, solar water heat & electric power, cooking by hydrogen, natural lighting, natural ventilation, water tanks, green houses, tree seed orchard & nursery, resource conservation, composting and vegetable gardens.


The center facilitates open, ongoing learning and exchange between international guests and the local community. They provide purpose designed spaces for training and workshops, research and product development, music and arts, areas to learn organic farming and horticulture, and rooms for treatment and outreach.
The center will be planted with love, be nurtured, and grow as if from a seed pod. It will be a place for people to come together in a supportive environment to create, learn arts, business, social skills, share their talents, conduct research and outreach, and become leaders in their own communities.

The Great Big Project Uganda Timeline

September 2011
Purchase of all 23 acres completed
October 2011
Master plan approved
December 2011
Unveiling ceremony of the foundation stone
July 2012
Construction begins
July 2014
Opening ceremony [estimated]